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Print Services

Disc manufacturing and packaging services

Disc Reproduction

Value without compromising quality
Enhance the value of your content – use a quality manufacturer you can trust.
Multi-Tech have all they need on site for rapid disc printing and production. You won't find better production quality, on-site, than what we offer.

Types of discs

Standard (12cm) disc
Mini (8cm) disc
Round Edge Business Card
Square Edge Business Card

a) CD and DVD Replication

Replication is the most common method for mass-producing discs. Multi-Tech can do a minimum run of 500 discs via replication.

CD andDVD replication involves the creation of a glass master from your data or audio master. Stampers are then created, which are then in turn used for the injection moulding and metallising process of 1,000 or even millions of discs.

b) CD and DVD Duplication

Duplication is commonly used for shorter runs, and is the other common way of reproducing discs.
It's also known as burning, and the CD/DVD is created by using a laser to burn the information data onto a blank disc.
We also do CD-R and DVD-R short run duplication.

Disc printing

Get great-looking discs, guaranteed.
Improve your image by over 30 percent.
Multi-Tech's disc offset printing facility is the only one of its kind in Australia, printing at resolutions 30 percent better than screen printed discs.

Award-winning printers

Only use the best! We print over 200 lines per inch resolution, which is the best resolution for printing photo-quality images.
In 2004 we were recognized by SGIAA with the SGIAA Gold Screen and Print Award for excellence in quality offset printing.

Get the best Digital Stationary

If you need to burn your own data in-house why not let us do the hardest part for you. Don’t get frustrated by using expensive and cumbersome disc labels again. Let us print your corporate logo and artwork on disc using our award-winning offset print facility. Let us make in-house disc production easy and cost effective for you.

Experience with quality printing methods

A good disc print is achieved by careful matching the print technique to the image being printed. Some images are better printed using offset printing rather than using screen-printing. We have experience in a broad range of printing and know how to bring the best out in your artwork. Our matching of our experience in both print and design is what counts.

Offset Printing

This is the most advanced technology for printing full colour images directly onto disc. Offset printing uses a minimum resolution of 200 lines per inch which is generally 30 percent greater than the resolution used for screen-printing. Offset printing is ideally suited for full colour (CMYK) images requiring photorealistic quality.


Screen-printing is the traditional method for printing large disc runs. Screen-printing is best suited for printing artwork comprising spot colours or solid graphics, such as logos.

What makes a good disc print?

A good print obviously starts with a good design. If you have a design already prepared you can send it to us either my email or on disc. You can send in your artwork on disc or email it to print@multi-tech.com.au Please include your details so that one of our design ns. If however there is anything that we have missed, or if you require samples, please give contact us at print@multi-tech.com.au

Mail out solutions

We can take care of a total disc mailing project. All aspects from design, replication, packaging, mailing, label generation, and post lodgement – there is nothing we cannot handle.

Creative services

Graphic Design

Let your presentation shine
Our design team understands how to best match disc packaging to a specific application. We can design a method of packaging and presenting your disc that has visual impact, and is both functional and unique. Let us help you make a lasting impression upon your audience.
We'll work with any artwork.
From adjusting finished art to creating a full design, we will make sure that your design is finished perfectly. Talk with us about how we can best design your product.

No skimping on quality

We take care to check every artwork file, at no added cost.