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Mastering & Authoring

We offer full DVD mastering and authoring, and full CD mastering services. Once you have created your video files, PDFs or music files, simply send the files to us, with a description of how you want them to work.


We can create DVDs for PAL or NTSC, with or without menus, with or without chaptering.

Simply let us know what format your tapes are, what the duration of each is, whether they are 16:9 or 4:3, and how you want them to run (looping, one time play, or with a menu) and we will send you a quote for time and costs involved.

If you need a menu, include a list of any font types, colour specifications and how you would like it laid out and we will create it for you. If you have any specific images or icons that need to be included, simply send them into us and let us know where you want them placed.


We can create a CD for you with or without autorun, with or without video content.
If you need your CD to open upon insertion into a computer but don't already have an autorun file, we can create one for you. All you need to do is ensure that all links within your PDF files are acccurate and that the file structure is clearly detailed to us.
Once we have created a master for you, a copy will be sent to you for review.