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Frequently Asked Questions



I wish to go ahead with my quote. What do I do next?

When you are ready to proceed simply call 1300 728 771 or (03) 9689 0600. We will book in the job for you and work out a production schedule to meet your timeline requirements. If you are submitting your own master please burn to a good quality ‘write once’ disc (not a re-writable). Please ensure your master disc is labelled with the title of your work, is marked as “master” and includes the date or version number (if appropriate). If you are sending in your artwork on disc please clearly label the artwork disc as “artwork” and include a colour proof if possible. When you post or courier your materials it is also helpful to include a copy of your quote and your business card.
Very soon after booking in your job we will have emailed you the Job Sheet that confirms all the details of the order. Once you have double-checked the details of the Job Sheet, you simply email us “please proceed” and your order goes into production. Please ensure you check all details on the Job Sheet as this is exactly what we will produce for you.

What is the minimum number of discs I can order?

There are no minimum quantities for ordering either CD or DVD. Most forms of disc packaging are also available without minimum quantity restrictions. However some production / print techniques do have minimum quantities because of the set up costs involved.

I need my discs in a hurry. What is the quickest time you can produce them?

In short, there is no set turnaround time for any method of production. Tell us what turnaround you need and we will do our best to accommodate, and only promise what we can deliver. We can produce up to 5,000 discs in as little as overnight for those drop dead urgent occasions.

How long does DVD authoring take?

DVD authoring can take anything from a few days to a few weeks. Speak to us and we can establish a production timeline that suits your project’s needs.

I can’t make it into your office. Can I simply post or courier my master and artwork to you?

Yes. We deal with clients all ‘round Australia. When you place your order simply post you artwork disc and master disc to our factory address with your quote attached.

If I need more discs after I first order, can I just re-order over the phone?

Yes, this is possible. Your artwork and master are archived for 7 days from the date you first order (and often longer). If you are re-running a job using the same artwork or master, simply call us with the title, date and Job No of your first order and your re-order is underway.


How do I pay?

Multi-Tech accepts all form of payments including most credit cards. Please note that credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge. To avoid this surcharge we suggest either paying by cash, company cheque (with A.C.N) or direct deposit into our account. Account details will be provided if you wish to pay this way. Please note that unless a credit account has been established, our standard terms are 50% deposit with order and balance on completion of production.

Can I open a trading account with Multi-Tech?

Yes, it may be possible to obtain a 30-day trading account if you are an established business and can meet the trading criteria of our credit application. Please note that our credit checking agencies can take up to 2 weeks to process a credit application form.


What is the difference between duplication and replication? Is the quality the same for both?

Replication broadly describes an injection moulding and metalizing process for manufacturing mass-produced CDs and DVDs. Initially a glass master is produced containing the original data to be reproduced (which is why this process is often called ‘glass mastering’). Replicated discs appear pure silver on the underside, like what you would expect when you buy a CD or a DVD from a retail outlet.
Duplicated discs have information recorded to them by a laser in a duplicator. The information is ‘burnt’ into a photoreceptive dye layer on the disc. This dye layer is what makes duplicated CDs appear silvery green and duplicated DVDs appear purple blue on the underside.
The difference in the quality is negligible, so the reason for choosing one method over another is usually based on other considerations such as economy or efficiency. Duplication has the advantage of fast turnaround and it is very cost effective as it does not involve the set up costs associated with the creation of a glass master. Replication on the other hand is certainly the preferred method for producing mass quantities of discs. While the minimum quantity for replication is 500 there is no minimum (or maximum) quantity for duplication.
For more information on the best method of producing your disc, please enquire of one of our client service representatives.

Do I need to obtain copyright clearances for my master disc, or does Multi-Tech do that for me?

You will need to ensure you have copyright for all of the data on your disc. As part of our terms of trade, all our clients warrant that they are either the copyright owner of a work or have copyright clearances from the original owner of a work. We cannot get these clearances on your behalf as the onus is on you – the owner of the work. Please note that we will not re-produce any disc we believe may be copyright infringing. We respect and uphold copyright laws and request that our clients do so as well.


Can you print onto my discs so I can burn the data myself?

Yes. Burning your own data makes sense, particularly if your data changes frequently and you are concerned about the “out-dated discs in the closet” syndrome. Another solution to avoid data obsolescence is to order a partial quantity of you discs to be burnt. If your artwork is not likely to change you can print a mass quantity of discs (thereby getting the best print and the best price) and get us to burn just what you need now. We will even warehouse your un-burnt discs if you would like us to burn with new masters at a later date.

I am looking for a packaging item that I cannot see on your website. Can you offer it?

Nearly always – yes!
Our website displays our regularly stocked items. Other items we generally source on demand, so for some unusual items this may involve a slight delay while we order it in for you.

How can I get my CD-ROM to play automatically as soon as the disc is inserted?

Depending upon your original data this may be simple or complex. Our mastering department will be happy to advise you regarding the best method to create an autostart.

I want to do my own design. How can I do it?

Obtain a quote using our on-line quotation system, then download the appropriate templates and specifications. Once you have created your artwork you can submit it via email or burn it to disc (do not burn it to the same disc as your data master).

I have no design and I would like someone to do it for me. Can you help?

Yes, we can design all aspects of your disc and packaging artwork.

Can you distribute my discs to various addresses?

Yes, we can distribute your discs to as many destinations as you require. We can even arrange export. We regularly blind-ship to our client’s clients, with no reference to Multi-Tech on delivery or consignment notes.

Can you mail my discs if I give you my mailing list?

Yes, we can.

I have video footage that I’d like to distribute on DVD. Can you create a professional DVD title out of any material I give you?

A good DVD starts with good footage. Provided our mastering engineers have good footage they can create a professional full-featured DVD being mindful of your budget and your target audience.


Do you check my master before you duplicate or replicate it?

Yes, every master disc is checked by our mastering department for its technical veracity. It is important that the disc quality of a master disc is properly checked using appropriate analysis equipment. If a disc does not conform to a minimum specification then we will not use it as a master because of the risk of data errors.
We do not, however, check the actual content of your disc. It is therefore extremely important that you check the content of your disc, because the copies we produce from you master will be data identical to the original.

Do you check my artwork before printing it?

Yes, our graphic designer ensures that your artwork conforms to the specifications and general requirements of the print method being used. Note however that in spite of our best care and attention, our designer may not pick up on content errors in art – such as grammatical or spelling errors. It is important therefore that you check the artwork proofs we provide to ensure that the artwork is correct in all regards.

I want my artwork to be printed so that the colour is exactly like what I see on screen or what is produced by my printer. Can you do this?

Yes, but there are a few things to consider. If colour matching is critical then it is important that you either provide or request a colour-calibrated proof. Please note that most laser and inkjet proofs are not colour accurate to the file properties of the artwork you provide. We can arrange for you a colour-calibrated proof that you can check and approve prior to printing. Please make sure you mention this when you book in your order.

My discs don’t work. What is the warranty I have with Multi-Tech?

Our warranty to you is that we produce data identical copies of the master you provide us, and print faithfully to the artwork proofs you approve for reproduction. In the unlikely event that our discs do not match your master or proofs then we will replace them, in part or in full depending upon the nature of the quote. For a full explanation of our warranty terms please refer to our Terms and Conditions or consult your client service representative.

How environmentally friendly are my discs?

We are always striving to use environmentally friendly methods of production.
We offer and support the use of recycled materials in our printing area, and virtually all our printed forms of packaging can be offered on recycled stock. We are also committed to disposing our waste discs in an environmentally sound way, by recycling unused discs with plastic recyclers. We are also the first in our industry to use 100% green renewable energy for our production facility.